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Agency : Tech Real Estate (SJ) Sdn Bhd ( E(1)1537/1)

I am May Tan, a dedicated and professional Real Estate Negotiator from Tech Real Estate (SJ) Sdn Bhd with a minimum of 28 years experience in the real estate industry.

I specialise in the following:

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- 28 years real estate consultancy experience
- 2 years realtor sales experience in Vancouver
- 28 years entrepreneurship in real estate business
- We can help you find the right property; be it a purchase/rental of house/ condominium / shop/factory or land.
- Oriental Real Estate Sdn Bhd

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Me & my green fingers can never resist the temptation of planting my own greens; giving me loads of relaxation & helping me save a few dollars. Whilst this may be loathed at by critics that the saving is horrendously minimal, it is an interesting thought for some that may want to save.for an oven or a new bicycle for their kids.

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A new Tenancy Agreement should be drawn up cos the old agreement would be null & void.

Landlord is protected from non-payments, illegal usage of his premises, structural changes to his said property & most importantly a structured time frame of his term of stay for his tenant.

Tenants are protected from being given undue & unfair notice of termination from t landlord.

Registered agents can prepare the tenancy agreement & have it stamped. All preparation costs & necessary stamp duties are to be borne by the tenant renewing the tenancy term

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1 very simple golden rule is to nail a hook near the window of every bedroom & hang the padlock key there. Strap a cute keychain to each key to make it noticeable.

The 2nd golden rule will be to have your immediate neighbours telephone nos  in your phone; advisable to label it as 'neighbour 1, neighbour 2; something easy to remember in times of panic. 'Look out for each others house' as the saying goes.

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