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Alam Damai is a township located in Cheras which consists majorly of residential areas. Located between Taman Connaught and Taman Len Seng, this 641-acre township is focused around a 30-acre central park which forms the spine of the township.

This township that was first launched in 1998 was very well received by purchasers, who were highly attracted by the natural topography of the area which the developers strive to keep untouched. With the original launch prices of this development starting from RM165,000, residents have enjoyed between 100% to 130% capital appreciation after 10 years as of the year 2014.

Residents of Alam Damai were however been on the unhappy side in 2013, when the government announced that Alam Damai was to cater to a portion of affordable homes under the PR1MA scene. As traffic conditions in the area are already terrible, Alam Damai’s residents were vocal in their objection of the project which will supposedly make the traffic situation worse.

Nevertheless, Alam Damai still harbours its own attractions which appeals to its residents such as the large Alam Damai Recreational Park within its confines. Additionally, as Alam Damai itself is located on a foothill, residents will generally enjoy a peacefully, quiet environment.

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