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About Bandar Sunway


Bandar Sunway is one of the most popular townships in Selangor, for its numerous amenities, shopping mall and various other facilities. With a majority ethnic group of Malays and Chinese, there is a good balance of population here.

Previously a major tin mining area, Bandar Sunway exceeded all expectations with its success in the property market despite the many people predicting the failure of the entire Bandar Sunway due to soil erosion caused by heavy mining. This is however not the case, as can be seen today.

The properties for sale in the area range between the low cost landed properties of the older and original developments before the building of Bandar Sunway, as well as the newer housing developments targeted towards the middle, upper middle and upper income buyers.

Bandar Sunway is an investor’s dream, with its ever increasing prices and the rather steady tenancy rate for rentals due to the high number of educational institutions in the area. Although traffic congestion is a constant, its central location and numerous connecting expressways makes it convenient for residents to get around easily.

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