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Located within the prosperous city of Shah Alam is Bukit Rimau, one of the many affluent townships of the city. Located comparatively far from the city centre, Bukit Rimau neighbours the township of Kemuning and is a stone’s throw away from Klang.

Coming with a beautifully serene and peaceful environment, the residential areas in Bukit Rimau tends to cater to those from the upper middle income groups. There are however low-cost areas within this township as well, whereby the low-cost areas and high-end developments in Bukit Rimau are fairly well segregated.

The low-cost flats are located very unfortunately around the sewage treatment plant across the KESAS Highway, while the high-end homes are on the other side of the highway; safely away from the foulness of the sewage treatment plant.

Being a well-planned self-sustaining township, the residents of Bukit Rimau have amenities and entertainment centres that cater to all ages, with some of the most sought after residential areas within this township being the homes that face the Bukit Kemuning Golf & Country Club.

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