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Properties for Sale in Damansara Utama

Damansara Utama is considered to be rather small township, surrounded by other similar developments such as Damansara Kim and Damansara Jaya. Technically considered to be a constituency under Petaling Jaya, it had at last count a total of only 142,000 residents.

In spite of its rather small size, Damansara Utama is a very active community with a bustling business area affectionately called Damansara Uptown, which hosts a concentration of every sort of amenity possible. The residents of this area are of the upper income group, with the majority ethnic group in the area being of the Malay and Chinese.

The area is with excellent access to major highways, promising good returns on investments with the new developments in the area such as with Uptown Residences by See Hoy Chan which is to be complemented with a multistorey parking lot which will assist in alleviating the lack of parking in the area.

The only major issue as can be called that in Damansara Utama is the lack of parking space. Lunchtime is a personal hell on earth for those seeking to eat at or visit the banks in the area, with barely enough space for a car to pass through. It is hoped that the upcoming multistorey parking lot will solve the problem.

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