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About ParkCity Heights

Properties for Sale in ParkCity Heights

Parkcity Heights is a neighbourhood of landed properties, named so for its location on elevated land, providing residents with exclusive privacy, peace and quiet. Providing both ready-made houses and land for sale, this area with large, sprawling land is perfect as a family home. Elegantly-shaped for exclusive high-end housing and lifestyle, the prime elevated bungalow lots at the ParkCity Heights are perfect for the affluent. This upscale neighbourhood is host to three sprawling locations known as Sector B (The Ridgewood), Sector D, and The Mansions. The Ridgewood consists of 48 bungalow lots and 30 semi-detached homes, Sector D houses 47 semi-detached homes, and The Mansions consist of 127 units of Regal Parkhomes.

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