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Properties for Sale in Negeri Sembilan

Negeri Sembilan is a state on the western side of Peninsular Malaysia that borders Selangor on the north, Pahang in the east, and Johor and Malacca to the south. Unlike other royal Malay states, the ruler of Negeri Sembilan is known as Yang di-Pertuan Besar instead of Sultan.

The name Negeri Sembilan derives from the nine villages that existed in the past where the Minangkabau people used to live. Sembilan means ‘nine’ in Malay and nagari means ‘village’ in Minangkabau language. These days, you can still see traditional Minangkabau features in the architecture from this state.

The major industry that drives the state’s economy is the manufacturing of electronics, furniture, chemicals, textiles, machinery, rubber products and metal works. The famous beaches in Port Dickson also contribute to tourism as a major industry here.

The property market in Negeri Sembilan had, much like other states, struggled during the peak of COVID-19 pandemic. However, reports have shown that the state’s property sector will be performing slightly better in the near future. This is also backed by major projects such as the much anticipated Malaysia Vision Valley 2.0 (MVV 2.0) that has the potential to promote the state’s economic growth through its urbanisation programme. Other prominent projects that are likely to positively impact nearby properties include Bandar Sri Sendayan, Bandar Ainsdale, S2 Heights, Putra Nilai, and Nilai Utama.

Negeri Sembilan is one of the more peaceful states where you can find beautiful scenery all around. It is best known for its tourist town, Port Dickson, where you can find the closest beach resorts to Kuala Lumpur. There are a dozen beaches spread over an 18km stretch of coastline here. In addition to that, there are other exciting attractions to visit such as the PD Ostrich Show Farm where you can hug and feed ostriches, and also the Alive 3D Art Gallery, an Instagram-worthy spot for visitors to interact with art and create funny optical illusions.

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