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Hulu Langat is a district located on the southern region of the Klang Valley, and is the fifth largest district in Selangor with a land area of 840 square kilometres. Being a constituency that encompasses Kajang, Semenyih and Dusun Tua, it is said that it is a district that is quietly booming.

With the abundance of land on the outskirts of the city and the rustic sense of living of the people in this area, it is not a surprise that major developers such as SP Setia have moved into the district with ambitious township plans.

The two upcoming townships to hit the area is EcoMajestic which will span 1,089 acres of modern classic living, while SP Setia which looks to emulate their success of Setia Eco Park in Klang are building the Setia Ecohill township within Semenyih as well which will span 753 acre of freehold land.

With Hulu Langat neighbouring several of Kuala Lumpur’s matured districts such as Cheras and Ampang, it is also famous for its natural surroundings and eco-tourism with well-known waterfalls such as the Gabai River Waterfalls and Takala Falls.

Nevertheless, although it is well-known for its natural surroundings, there were several landslides which occurred in the district as well. One of the major cases of landslides occurred in the year 2011 where 16 people were killed, while in 2012, one of the roads leading to and fro Hulu Langat was closed due to several landslides as well.

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