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Hartanah Untuk Dijual di Palm Spring

Sprinkled around Kota Damansara are the pioneering developments of this upcoming satellite town of TTDI. Amongst the first few condominiums of the area is Palm Spring, a rather high density collection of six residential towers with many shops within short walking distance providing various amenities. It is to be noted that there is a severe lack of parking lots in this condominium, even if one wishes to either rent or purchase one. It is rumoured that the management of Palm Spring is extremely strict with their range of buyers, disallowing foreigners, especially students to purchase or rent a unit at Palm Spring, as the existing tenants of these criteria are commonly known to dirty up the place by throwing rubbish over the balcony; which one resident professes that an empty can thrown from a balcony almost hit his baby daughter in her perambulator.

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