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Hartanah Untuk Disewa di Selangor

Despite being smaller than the average Malaysian state, with an area of 7,931 km2, Selangor is Malaysia’s most populous and productive state. The total number of people living within Selangor’s borders is projected to reach 6.53 million in 2020 (followed at some distance by Sabah’s 3.9 million residents), and the combined value of Selangor’s annual exports constitutes the highest percentage of the nation’s wealth – around 23.6 percent of Malaysia’s total GDP in 2019.

Selangor’s trajectory of development has echoed that of Kuala Lumpur (KL), with the state simultaneously contributing to, and benefiting from, the combined economic output of the nation’s federal administrative centres.

Selangor encapsulates KL, and further to the south, Putrajaya and the Kuala Lumpur International...

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