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Can the landlord change the locks on the property before the lease is up if the tenant fails to pay rental? 


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no. cannot.

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Any form of self-help measures (for example change the lock, breaking into the unit, disconnecting access to water, electricity etc.) is not advisable because it would put the landlord at risks for being sued by the tenant.

The landlord should issue an eviction notice in accordance with the tenancy agreement to the defaulting tenant giving the tenant certain grace period to handover vacant possession and pay all overdue rental.

If the tenant remains in occupation after the expiry of such notice, the landlord may file an eviction order against the tenant in court for the outstanding rental, double rental (from the date of the expiry of the eviction notice until date of delivery of the vacant possession to the landlord) and recovery of the vacant possession.

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any idea how much it cost, and how long it takes to get eviction order from court? 

if tenant still not pay the outstanding to owner base on the court order, what is the next course of action?