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In the condo rental agreement Libyan tenant is responsible to pay water, electricity & IWK charges.
Tenant returned to Libya Jan 2020  but could return not due to MCO restriction. 
(Q1) Who is responsible to pay for the minimum charges for water, electricity and IWK - the tenant or landlord?
(Q2) Is it legal for water, electricity and IWK charged to the unit when the unit is empty because tenant could not return to Malaysia?


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(Pos ini telah dikeluarkan oleh pengarang)

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Based on the term and conditions stated in your tenancy agreement who is liable for the bills during the tenancy period.

For indah water, can request for waiver  by providing evidence if there is no one staying in the unit in that period of time. 

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basically for IWK, water and electric bill is bear by tenant according to tenancy agreement ya

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water and electric bill can not waive , am I right ?

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If you are right, who waive water and electric bills?

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according to agreeement on tenancy agreement, tenant need to bear the cost of IWK, water bill, and electricity bill

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Thanks for your reply - based on rental agreement.

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As long as the tenancy agreement is in effect, the tenant is obliged to pay the minimum charges for water, electricity & IWK charges  

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Thanks for your reply

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Different companies set their own rates and discounts :)