Desa Satu Apartments is a development consists of 1,900 units of low cost flats at Desa Aman Puri, Kepong. Parking is always a disastrous issue to all the residents, as there are only 1,100 parking bays provided by the developer for 1,900 households, which only marked the capacity of 60%, assuming that every single unit is allocated with one parking lot. Though the parking lots are significantly insufficient, the residents here are all the while very tolerant to each other and practising first-come-first-serve basis as we all understand this is a low cost flat, hence, no parking lots is allocated or designated to any individual. Things turned sour since the JMB appointed a new property manager few years ago and started to allocate parking lots to certain residents and ignored others, the grant clearly stated that the parking lots are the common parcel and I just wonder do the property manager have the right to 'privatize' the common parcel as her/she wish? We are very outraged as some of the residents didn't even have a car and hence start to 'rent out' their parking lots with high price, ( the average rental of a 600sqft unit is RM600 and the car park is rented out by individual for RM 100 ), knowing that parking lots are truly scarce here. Numerous complains have been lodged to the relevant authorities and the state assemblyman but none has taken this issue seriously. My question is, can the management simply 'convert' the common parcel to private without approval/consent from the land authorities?