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Properties for Rent in Setia Eco Park

Setia Eco Park is one of the best townships to live at in Malaysia, while also ranging amongst the priciest out of town homes. Incorporating Live, Work, Learn and Play under one development, Setia Eco Park caters to the upmarket with its dreamlike features and planning. As stated by the developer, living amidst nature is no longer a dream at Setia Eco Park with 56 acres of the place dedicated to a forest park where jungle trekking is available as a past time, and where an observation tower available also offers residents panoramic views of their surroundings. The developers of Setia Eco Park have also put in much effort to create a truly sustainable landscape, where recognised eco advisers were called in to help create a landscape of diverse flora and fauna, along with a habitat for birds, butterflies and fish. Proving their efforts successful, at least 8 species of birds have already established themselves in the area, while efforts to breed butterflies in Setia Eco Park has resulted in over 20,000 different types of nectar plants and butterfly food to be planted in the forests to attract butterflies of different characters. Of the entirety of Setia Eco Park, 94 acres of the land are dedicated to waterways, creeks and laws as well, while the Green Street encourages residents to get around by foot and bicycle. Being a self-sufficient community, Setia Eco Park also features a private school within their grounds for children of residents, while a dedicated road to Setia Alam was also built by the developer to provide ease of driving to and fro the city during peak hours.

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