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Properties for Rent in USJ One Avenue

USJ One Avenue is a mid-range condominium located in UEP Subang Jaya, and is also known by the name of USJ 1 Avenue. While popular amongst the middle income group to be an investment, many families shun this development for the number of foreign students who live here. Other grouses of residents who live in this area is the surroundings which is apparently filled with low cost apartments. These issues however seem to only be petty observations from potential buyers, as those who have visited USJ One Avenue have commented that they feel perfectly comfortable with both the environment and with living here. One of the major issues to ever hit the residents of USJ One Avenue was when their basement parking lot was severely flooded in the year 2012, where a total of approximately 200 cars were damaged. There was much uproar about it, resulting in the appropriate authorities taking action to ensure that it would never happen again.

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