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Agency : Nexsgen Realty Sdn Bhd ( E(1)1914)

Hi There, I'm Windz, I'm striving for excellence in the property industry for 6 years. My philosophy is providing a better quality of life for the people. Feel free to contact me for property consultation, selling, buying or leasing out any of your property. 為您找到一個美好的家!買賣租聘都可以找我,謝謝您

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If it's for investment, most likely i will go for sub sales if the unit condition is still good. It's all depends on age of the building, maintenance, and of course accessibility of the area/building. If the new project worth it, why not?

But i believe that new project RM1000psf might come with small size compared to subsales with RM600psf right? Most of the new project i would say considered over valued and their size is so small. No matter for investment or own stay, I will still consider the size, layout, accessibility. Depends on what you want. First, make up your mind of what you really want perhaps?^^

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I'm an agent as well as a resident in Sentul. In my opinion, previously, i mean 10 years back, yes, no doubt sentul is full of indians residents, but in past 5 years, there is more and more expats and chinese lives here. There's more and more developer coming in after YTL, and there are still a bunches of new projects by Maxim, UOA, Sky World and etc. My expectation on Sentul is very high, I predict that it will become a very potential and demanding town. Rumors one of the shopping mall will be build soon, around same time as UOA project, and there will be one upcoming MRT station in next 5 years. So, what do you say?

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as a agent and owner, i would say better filter the tenant by yourself even the agent said already filter for you. Get to know where is their occupation, work place, their commitment like owning car or if possible know their car brand too. (Yea, i know it's abit too much) But at least you can know whether they can afford to pay the rental or not. 

As a agent, i will ask my potential tenant background first, then i will request for name card if they have, at least you can check whether they're really working there or not, so at the same time, you can roughly know how much they make,  ( as i will greet them from parking)  see what car they drive, chit chat abit with them to know whether they are staying with family or friends, and roughly get to know how many family members will be staying, then you can judge how much their commitment will be. 

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