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About Mont Kiara

Kuala lumpur

Mont Kiara is one of the most exclusive enclaves to live in within Kuala Lumpur, an area that is populated mostly by expats who have relocated to Malaysia, as well as the most upper income groups of Malaysia.

It is also home to many dignitaries, and is a choice location for migrating individuals and families who will be most comfortable here as all the facilities, amenities and malls here are targeted towards expats with their imported ware. It is also said that Mont Kiara is home to the biggest group of Japanese expats, who find this area to be very much to their liking.

Known as the “rich man’s land”, Mont Kiara is also scarily enough a usual target for kidnappers looking for a quick buck as this area holds the highest number of quality international schools in Malaysia. As such, many of the houses here have security guards armed with firearms. An interesting rumour is that one of the richest men in Malaysia’s house is also in Mont Kiara.

Much construction is ongoing in the area at the moment, with the borders of Mont Kiara filled in from end-to-end with high rises and landed property, causing much congestion during peak hours. Due to the limited availability of land and high demand, many developers are now placing their new developments on the edges of Segambut, a slum area, just next to Mont Kiara.

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