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Puchong is an extremely large township with the majority population being Chinese. It is by far and large a self-sufficient township that is surrounded on all sides by thriving localities such as Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park and Sunway. The township itself is well organized with business areas, factory areas as well as residential areas.

It was originally a tin mine and rubber estate in the 60s, and was mostly developed by the IOI Property Group. There is a good mix of homes in this area, with the vast majority being of middle cost homes along with a large number of high end landed properties.

Construction in the area is ongoing at almost all times with an abundance of land in the outer areas. Puchong is a popular place for home buyers who are looking for middle cost homes, with the backlash being the high density and bad traffic during peak hours. The area was originally served by two-lane roads running to and fro the area.

These very same lanes have now been widened to contend with the increasing traffic, along with several new connecting highways. It is hoped that the upcoming extended MRT lines that will run through Puchong Perdana and Taman Puchong Permai might assist in alleviating some of the traffic woes.

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