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Properties for Sale in Pahang

Pahang is the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia, and is home to some of the country’s most prominent mountains such as Genting Highlands, Cameron Highlands and Frasers Hill. Nestled within these hills are waterfalls and great hiking trails for experienced hikers.

Some of the popular hiking trails include Gunung Bunga Buah, a number of hiking trails in Cameron Highlands and Maxwell Trail in Frasers Hill. Hiking through these jungles, visitors will be able to see some of Malaysia’s more unique flora and fauna.

From the mountains to the beaches, Pahang has it all. The renowned Cherating beaches are also situated within Pahang, drawing throngs of locals during peak seasons. It is renowned for its fine sandy white beaches and its surf during monsoon seasons. Hotels are aplenty here, accompanied by private beaches. It is a laid-back town which induces a feeling of relaxation to all visitors.

Aside from its recreational activities, Pahang is also a state which is also home to many delicious local food. Raub which is a district within Pahang is famous for its durians, a pungent fruit which its flavour is not to everyone’s taste. Durian season generally sees many durian lovers heading to Raub for their fill of this unique fruit.

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