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Properties for Sale in PJ State

PJ State, more formally referred to as PJ New Town, is a well-established and most thriving urban enclave located in Petaling Jaya where its perfect location is only minutes to the KL City Centre, KL Sentral, Subang Jaya, and Sunway.

As one of the busiest and most dynamic townships in Selangor, PJ State has grown into a major commercial development and is widely regarded as one of the most developed areas, perfect for both residential and commercial development.

Residents in PJ State enjoy a host of amenities, such as banks, primary and secondary schools, hotels, restaurants, office blocks, and convenience stores. Petaling Jaya’s resident shopping centre, Amcorp Mall, can also be found within short driving distance of the residential areas.

Following the announcement of the closure of the iconic A&W restaurant in Petaling Jaya opposite Amcorp Mall were many protests from residents who harbour fond memories of this fast-food restaurant. They however will not need to worry, as this favourite family restaurant will not be closed for good.

A new office block tower will be built on its location by KUB Malaysia Sdn Bhd called the KUB Office Tower, and the A&W restaurant will be rebuilt on the ground floor of the office tower. The completion date is estimated to be in the year 2018.

PJ State is a highly accessible location as many of the expressways and highways service the area, as well as via LRT. There is a Taman Jaya LRT station located just across the PJ Exchange office tower. In May 2014, a free bus service was launched by the Petaling Jaya Council, its operating hours between 6:00am to 7:00pm.

The purpose of this service was to ease traffic congestion in the city centre, especially during peak hours in the mornings and evenings. The launch involved ten buses being deployed to pass through the area of PJ Old Town, Jalan Yong Shook Lin, Section 14, Jalan Barat, and Jalan Utara.

Following this, the loop road was introduced to Petaling Jaya in October 2014 to reduce the horrendous traffic congestion during peak hours. Although this move generated much protests from the residents, traffic has indeed improved with the abolishment of the many traffic lights that were deemed to be a major cause of traffic in the area.

The crime rate in PJ State is limited to petty crime such as snatch thefts in the commercial areas, and is not a particularly major concern to residents. There was however an incident that occurred in September 2014 where RM1.27mil were stolen from six Affin Bank ATMS in Johor, Malacca, and Selangor, of which one ATM was in PJ State.

There was no breach or compromise of customer data. Additional control measures were added in all ATMs and banks are closely monitoring the situation to ensure that customers can continue to safely carry out their banking errands.

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