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Subang Jaya is a large township that is commonly referred to as just Subang by the locals. Originally a rubber plantation in the 70s, the area shows no signs of its origins now with its heavy traffic and large, bustling population.

The entirety of the area was singularly developed by Sime Darby, with almost the entire area consisting of landed properties. There is a healthy mix of races in the township due to there being a wide range of residential developments that cater to all walks of lives. Expats are mostly a rare sight, although there are many students who live here as there are a number of institutions of higher education in the area.

Traffic flow is heavy heading towards the city centre in the mornings, and vice versa in the evenings, causing much congestion. As such, many new flyovers and roads have been constructed over the years to assist in alleviating the traffic gridlock, and the upcoming MRT in the area is expected to further assist in alleviating the traffic; hopefully without the backlash of an influx of migrants loitering around the area.

Prices of property here have increased by much over the years. Where 10 years ago a house could be bought for only RM280k, the very same house can now be sold for at least RM1.3 million, and is expected to increase by much in a widening circle from where the MRT station is located.

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